The most lifelike toy ever created...
it may very well BE alive!

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Look at that adorable face!
That cute little face belongs to "Gigi"
"Gigootz" is a brand new space-age toy, with lifelike characteristics!
(click the video tab to watch her in action!)

Here at the Imaginarium, Gigi isn't referred to as a "toy."

We believe she's a "living creature."

When you see her in action, we think you'll feel the same.

This is the first of its kind, in the world of novelty, and we are so very excited to introduce these amazing creatures to the world.

There is science that goes into their creation, and an added measure of magic and whimsy.

A Gigootz is intended to be a companion, to treasure and nurture for a lifetime.

Before you co-create your Gigootz , we'd like you to ponder this commitment the same as if you were adopting a new puppy or kitten.

Gigootz do not like being kept in drawers.

They love being played with, listening to beautiful music, meeting new people and traveling in backpacks.

They come to life via a magnetic wand, called an "animator."

The more you play with them, the more life-like they become.

They record and store electromagnetic information from their environs and become more and more life-like as they are brought in contact with life and living beings.

They live in hermetically sealed acrylic Petri dishes.

This case must never be opened or they could become contaminated or "escape," in which case they may be lost forever.

This is truly a strange place you have stumbled upon. If you co-create a Gigi of your very own, prepare yourself for a magical journey of adventure and learning ... "for thus the strangeness has only just begun."

Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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We are a multimedia creative, based in Shelton, Connecticut.

Founded in October 2007, we embarked upon an endeavor to venture into realms of creativity, and mine jewels of music, art, literature and invention to share with the world.

We're always looking for talented passionate co-creators to join us in our enterprise, so if you feel so inclined, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact seller button.

Only loving souls need apply.

So if you"get it" and you have ever wanted to be in the middle of an historical event, here's your chance.

This project is going viral, and it's going to be big. If you were fortunate enough to click on Gigi's face, we're offering a front row seat on history.

So, if we've sparked your interest and you'd like to know more, we are
waiting here, gazing forlorn at our inboxes, waiting eagerly to hear
from you.

Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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Here's what we need to know in order to birth your own Gigi:
  • What Gender would you like to raise ... male or female?
  • What is your favorite Eye Color?
  • What are you going to Name your Gigi?
  • What is your Favorite Song?

Your Gigootz home will be engraved in high relief with a serial number sequence which started at 0,000,000,001. This will facilitate authentication, and will also be your profile account number. We engrave your Gigootz name and born-on date as well.

A DVD recording of the "birthing" of your Gigootz is including for authentication and historical purposes, and will also prove entertaining and educational.

An "inspiration manuall" comes with, that simply put, is a work of art, in Tolkien-like style.

Here's what comes in the mail:

  • Your Gigi in a hermetically sealed acrylic home. (round 4.625" diameter x 1" high)
  • Magnetic animator wand
  • DVD with highlights of your Gigi's creation
  • Free lifetime web-place profile, we call a honeycomb (it's a social network for Gigi's... (sorry, no humans allowed) 
  • Awesome "inspiration" manual, written in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien


There is a "GiGi character based" movie in planning and the "First Settlers" will be given an exclusive opportunity to audition for voice rolls. (all ages)
Who doesn't love a great CGI, cartoon animation!
You could be famous! (well, your voice anyway)

This is a small foretelling of what is to come...

Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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We here at the Imaginarium are committed for life to your Gigootz.

You may return them to us, and be compensated your original investment, for any reason.

We will make immediate arrangements for the adoption of your darling Gigootz to a new home, so that never a Gigootz will be lonely or left behind.

All Gigootz will have a home on the internet, in a community of other Gigootz, where they may interact, tell stories, watch videos, and share tales of their great adventures with you ...

We believe it is very important that Gigootz have their own web space, where they are free to be themselves with others of their kind.

These spaces are called "honeycombs." Sorry, no humans allowed...

This is a super secret pre-launch, where the first 2017 Gigootz ever born are bestowed the title "First Settlers."

Your Gigootz web place will be automatically generated and fully functional, stuffed full of magic and science when your personal Gigootz is created.

When your Gigootz arrives, just pop in your DVD, push a special button and Presto! you're home.

We believe there are those of you that will read this advertisement and simply "get it."

You are the ones we want to greet on board before we go global.

You are the ones who are going to be the first Gigootz ambassadors to the world.

Remember, only loving persons need apply...

Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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Please enjoy this test video we shot in the lab awhile back.
This was taken the day we finally got the composite properties configured properly, so she can appear life-like.
She has a mind of her own!
Notice how she synchronizes with the music!


Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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Create Your Very Own Gigootz by Clicking the Image Below!
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